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about us

Sector X is the place to go for all your questions about Smart Buildings, Audiovisual Systems and Sound Technology. We don't just answer the technical questions, but above all what you can do with it, what it yields and what it does to you. From the very beginning to delivery and beyond, Sector X helps to develop, realize and operate your project. We do this, among other things, by continuously innovating and improving. And thanks to our holistic approach, we ensure that everything fits together seamlessly and works as one.

what we do

Technology is a fantastic tool and promises endless possibilities and solutions. But if you are not sufficiently versed in this, making good choices is an impossible task. We have specialized in this to find the best solution for you, inde-pendent of manufacturers, brands and suppliers. We are committed to creating optimal experiences to get the most out of your investment. Whether it's about increasing productivity, or letting people enjoy or immerse them-selves in the moment; there is always a suitable solution for every purpose.

our mission

In everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo to find opportunities for innovation. We believe in thinking differently and doing differently. After all, you can't expect different results if you keep doing the same things. We also believe in a sustainable, liveable and meaningful future for current and future generations, with attention to health and safety and respect for diversity. That is why we design solutions that matter, that inspire, motivate, create atmosphere and experience, offer support and are still easy to use.


smart building technology

Healthy and safe workplaces in inspiring and motivating environments ensure higher productivity and creativity and lower absenteeism due to illness. Technology helps by checking, measuring, monitoring and intervening all building functions when necessary. Smart solutions ensure optimization by making all technical installations to work together as one.

Audiovisual systems

Wherever there is communication, collaboration, information transfer, discussion, presentation, learning, enter-tainment, shopping and inspiration, audiovisual technology is an indispensable tool. Applied in the right way, it ex-pands our possibilities and scope, it conveys information better, it inspires us and it contributes to atmosphere and experience.

professional audio

'Good sound' is an interplay between quality, technique and acoustics. This applies not only to studios, but also to auditoriums, meeting rooms, theaters, concert halls and other similar locations. Whether it concerns good speech intelligibility, solid or subtle music reproduction or a combination thereof; 'Good sound' requires customization because every situation is different.

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